Information about a picture a day

In December 2005 I promised myself to make at least one photograph every day. I did not add “for the rest of my life”, but I neither limited it to a less ambitious timespan. The promise was the consequence of the fact that, after finishing my photography training, I realized that I had to do something to keep me going on.

So, when you are watching the “a picture a day” part of my site, you see the pictures that resulted from that promise since 1 January 2006. They’re not all photographs in the sense of being made with the use of a camera. Some of them were made with the use of the scanner. Some were drawn or written and then photographed, and others were drwan up using mouse or pen and tablet. All have in common that, as part of the publishing process, they passed the darkroom of the digital area—Photoshop or one of its brethren.

Until now I have lived up to my promise: every day at least one picture. Not the whole process always on that one day, publishing takes some time in weeks that I’m busy with my daytime job, or when I’m away from home. But the first step for the picture of the day keeps me going—every day.


I was neither the first nor the last to pick up the idea of taking pictures periodically. Every hour, every day, every week or once a month. Of the same subject—often “me,” or of what caught the eye that particular our, day, week. The internet is a patient archive for the results of such initiatives, and under the heading “links to web pages like a picture a day”, there are links to a few of those archives.

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The main index to my pictures is the pictorial index. Partly because my site does not have a search facility, I also added an text-only index, consisting of the clickable titles of all the pictures.